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Powerful Pipeline view

Accurately forecast sales performance and analyze your funnel health.

Get a unified view of your sales Pipeline with a drag and drop workflow, simple customization, and actionable revenue insights. Pipeline view is included out of the box on all Close plans.

  • Add multiple Pipelines for more precise tracking across teams and products.

  • See actual and expected values within every stage of your Pipeline as one-time, monthly, or annual totals.

  • Update deals with one-click, making the Pipeline view simple and intuitive for reps to use.

Sales Funnel Report

Accurately forecast sales performance and analyze your funnel health.

Gateway's Opportunity Funnel Reports help you quickly find (and fix) leaks in your funnel. No Zaps, exports, or other reporting tools required.

  • Available on all plans: no upgrades or add-ons necessary.

  • Includes User and time period comparisons to analyze your Pipeline more strategically.

  • Track how variables like industry, source, or job title affect your probability of closing a deal.

Two-way data sync

Accurately forecast sales performance and analyze your funnel health.

Send and receive data from Gateway to a data warehouse or other business intelligence tools. Integrations like Fivetran, Census, and Hightouch make this process simple and secure.

Custom Fields and Activities

Mold Gateway to your unique sales workflow with custom fields and values.

Easily track and organize the most important prospect details in your CRM.

  • Use Custom Activities to centralize touchpoints from other apps like product demos, chat messages, survey completions, event RSVPs, and billing information.

  • Leverage Custom Fields to track lead communication preferences, save prospect social profiles, and more.

  • Deploy Custom Fields on Opportunities for more organized account-based and multi-product sales––including third-party billing data, product or service types, and won/lost deal reasons.

Calendar Sync

Gateway syncs your Google and Outlook calendars to simplify your day.

Keep your calendar and meetings all in one window. Gateway also talks to your tech stack with native integrations.

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