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Gateway supports email communication with a unified Inbox, powerful automation, and efficient features that elevate your sales outreach.

Sync Gmail, Outlook, and more

Centralize your workflow in just one place: your CRM. Gateway talks seamlessly to your email providers to pull all conversations into one place.

Bulk email

Specify which leads you want to receive your emails based on the Smart List, and enroll accordingly. With emails sent via Gateway, you can always customize send times and track engagement—especially useful for bulk blasts.

Powerful automation

Employ multi-channel Sequences to streamline outreach. Use templates, set triggers, and track cadences.

Additional features

Gateways email tools include powerful features like sharable templates, undo send, and one-click snooze. Plus, toggle between multiple email accounts, and gain dynamic lead data via Template Tags.


Gateway solves the pain points of your reps: reducing (or eliminating) dial tones, busy signals, and phone number searches. Your sales calls––streamlined.

More calling, less effort

Simplify your tech and lower spend with built-in calling. Our calling features offer customizable settings that mold to your team seamlessly, with no additional fees.

Inclusive core features

Drop one-click voicemails via existing numbers, prospect globally, track and record calls—and so much more. All calling activity is captured and converted into insightful reports.

Powerful advanced features

Power Dialer: Double your outbound call volume when you burn through lead lists automatically, without switching apps.

Predictive Dialer: Dial multiple numbers at once. An available sales rep takes the call, only when a human answers.

Call Coaching: Real-time support for sales reps in-call. Listen, whisper, or barge based on a rep’s needs.


Streamline your workflow and engage contacts faster with built-in SMS.

Texting features in Gateway are built to complement your email and calling outreach, while optimizing the unique sales opportunities of SMS

  • Read and respond to SMS without leaving your Close Inbox.

  • Include SMS in multi-channel Sequences to automate prospect follow-up and outreach.

  • Simple pricing starts at just $0.01 per outgoing message in the U.S. and Canada.

Zoom and Google Meet

Video selling is essential for any remote sales team, so it shouldn’t disrupt your workflow. Empower your team’s remote selling in Gateway.

Zoom + Google Meet Sync

Once you connect your Zoom account, your previous cloud recordings will start coming automatically.

Seamless meeting workflow

The CRM will give you a 5-minute meeting reminder before your next Zoom call, save your call recordings, and you can join a Zoom call right from the Lead view.

Calendar Sync

Gateway syncs your Google and Outlook calendars to simplify your day.

Keep your calendar and meetings all in one window. Gateway also talks to your tech stack with native integrations.


Assign tasks

Delegate sales activities to the person who can best provide support—especially when handling unique actions outside the normal workflow.

Team overview

See what everyone is working on, track per-user revenue and skill improvement, and watch key sales prospects move through the pipeline.

Unified direction

Make the most of centralized communication, lead context, and collaboration. Give your team clear sales benchmarks and future-focused leadership.


Sync Gateway with your tech stack via 100+

native, no code, and Zapier integrations.

Plus, get more context on your leads with an Integration Link.

Jump to other websites and tools, securely passing data from your Leads,

Contacts, and Opportunities.

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