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Gateway’s automation tools double the productivity of every sales rep.

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Multi-channel sales outreach. Engage email, call, and SMS steps on your Sequences to increase reach rate. Easily identify and optimize outreach steps with a KPI-based report dashboard.

No learning curve. Sequences are designed for busy salespeople who don’t have time to learn complex new tools. Once you’re in Gateway, create your first Sequence right away.

Hone + repeat your best formulas. As your reps build experience, they can clone and edit proven templates to grow their sales skills—plus save and share in just one click.

Boost win rates + customer engagement. Sequences help you reach more qualified leads in less time. Automate your workflow to re-engage opportunities, increase referrals, and grow customer lifetime value.

Search + Smart Lists

Prioritize the right leads with intuitive, user-friendly contact filtering. Find exactly who you’re looking for and automate outreach accordingly.


Prospecting one at a time, or reviving a cold lead? Gateway has a built-in search function that helps reps find who they're looking for––fast. Search important phrases, contract mentions, past conversations, and more.

Smart Lists

Create dynamic Smart Lists that match your top priority lead data like recent email opens, up for renewal, or specific industries. Then, automate outreach workflows around them. Identify your hottest leads, those who have suddenly gone dark, and more. Plus, share the most enlightening saved searches with your team.

Power + Predictive Dialers

Use call automation to bring speed and simplicity to your sales workflow. Built-in Power and Predictive Dialer features supercharge your outreach, out of the box.

The Power Dialer lifts KPIs. Period.

Call through lead lists automatically, without switching apps. Start a Power Dialer session on any Smart List in just one click, then sit back and wait for a connect or work on your daily sales tasks until the next lead answers. Lead history is displayed with each call, so you always have context. Reps can pause and resume as needed.

The Predictive Dialer surges reach rates.

No more dialing. And no more hanging up because of a voicemail, 1-800 number, or busy signal. The Predictive Dialer allows sales teams to dial multiple numbers at once—and when a real human answers, it routes an available rep to the call. This is next-level call automation.

Automation via


Gateway CRM integrates with the existing automation software in your tech stack to deliver a streamlined workflow and pain-free data sharing experience.

Zapier + Gateway

This no-code integration gives you more flexibility with the tools you can connect to Gateway, and allows you to build unique automations inside Gateway.

Calendly + Gateway

Manage meetings and view prospect history—all inside Gateway. Sync your Calendly links into Close to add them to email and SMS templates in 1-click.

HubSpot + Gateway

Seamlessly sync your marketing and sales stack. If your marketing team prefers to work in HubSpot, no worries. HubSpot's native integration automatically syncs Lead data between the two systems.

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